Hello and welcome! I’m Ashlea and I was diagnosed with a grade 1 anterior and posterior prolapse following childbirth.

I certainly never thought that at 28 years old, I would have been diagnosed with a prolapse and to be quite honest I naively assumed that it was something that only older women had. Certainty not a first-time Mama in her 20’s.

So when I found out, as you can imagine, I was in total shock and cried for a good few days after the diagnosis. It honestly felt like my whole world had just come crashing down and in those first few months after giving birth I experienced some very dark moments, which I will never forget.

Having a baby doesn’t just impact us physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. We need to take the time to nurture and heal ourselves and this isn’t something that just happens overnight. The postpartum period is for life following childbirth.

Subsequently, I’ve researched and learnt a lot about the body and the mind and how everything is all interconnected. Knowledge really is power and in my case it really has helped me to come to terms with my diagnosis and improve my symptoms.

As a result, I have created this blog to openly discuss and document my own journey and experiences and to share them with other women to assure them that they are not alone, as well as educating others about prolapse and the importance of supporting your pelvic floor.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I’ve enjoyed my time writing them and I look forward to receiving your comments and feedback.