Discovering my Prolapse

On the 10th September, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Meeting her was one of the happiest moments of my life and I instantly fell in love. The delivery itself wasn’t the easiest or the most straightforward, but as with most births they rarely go to plan.

My birth story:

A few days before I gave birth during a 38 week growth scan I was told that baby was a little on the large side (8lbs 13oz) and was advised to have an induction. I was induced a few days later and once my my waters were broken a 26 hour labour ensued. Once I finally reached dilation I pushed for over an hour only to be told baby had moved back to back and was becoming distressed. I was then rushed into theatre where I had an episiotomy and forceps delivery. Luckily baby was born safely and healthy at 7lbs 13oz.

Discovering my prolapse:

Fast forward to 8 weeks postpartum, I’m sitting in a GP surgery, baby in toe, waiting for my postnatal check-up. It was at this appointment that the GP told me that the bulging heavy feeling I was experiencing was a actually a prolapse of both my bladder and bowel. At this point I went completely numb. I had no idea what a prolapse was, why it had happened or even how bad it was. It felt like my whole life had crumbled before my eyes.

The advice I was given was to continue with my pelvic floor exercises for the next two months and come back if it got worse. I wasn’t convinced by the advice and knew I had to take matters into my own hands. Why did I have to wait for something to go wrong before I could receive help? This was when I decided to see a woman’s health physiotherapist. I wanted to find out exactly what I was dealing with and what I needed to do to make things better.

I wasn’t going to let a postpartum prolapse control me or lose sight of what really mattered (my baby girl), so this is where my journey to prolapse recovery begins and where I share my experience with you…

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